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Bench marketing came to the team looking for some help to increase sales in a period where most craft beer companies have been on a downward trajectory due to too much competition and people not drinking as much after years of Covid lockdowns. The brief highlighted a lack of brand awareness, the client felt their biggest RTB is where the brewery is located - wine country (Niagra) and their sustainability efforts.


The above is part of the strategically designed awareness campaign rollout we reco'd for client. We believed in starting the brand awareness with some bold creative that focuses on the can design (aka making consumer familiar with what they will see on shelf) and getting the "wine country" message into consumers eyes and ears. 


The next phase would be a brand lifestyle campaign including the approved campaign language, creative with lifestyle shots picking up the colours, and introducing a geo pin shaped container that would adapt across deliverables to house imagery and the tagline. 


We explored many ways to use the pin in this phase, and also different tagline lockups.


After some client feedback we landed on using the idea of the pin but keeping it more true to the design of the can. We shot all the lifestyle imagery for the main campaign deliverables with our production team where i worked closely with the photographer and VP of production.

Final Client Approved Designs:

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