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After 10 years of silence, Pop-tarts Canada decided to dip their toes in the world of advertising. This was an exciting project from start to finish with only 4 weeks total from brief to media delivery and we hit every deadline!

I was able to take on the role of directing the creative completely for this. The team had a blast ideating a mix of out of the box and tactical ideas. In the end the client was so impressed with the 3 options we presented, they decided to increase their budget and have us make two versions.

The goal was to create social videos that would engage their young demographic across Snapchat and TikTok. How could we make Pop-tarts top of mind for 13-18 year olds? Using the research and strategy as support, we crafted insights and ideas that fuelled fun and entertaining creative visuals.

Execution 1:
Flavour Portal


Our consumers want to be taken out of the everyday with a Crazy Good experience.


The taste of Pop-Tarts momentarily takes you to another world - a

better world, full of Pop-Tarty goodness.

Execution 2:


Pop-tarts are the multi-sensory sweet treat to satisfy cravings.


Emphasize the effects Pop-tarts has on the eater's senses using close-ups and ASMR.

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