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The objective was to provide the client some memorable campaign language and distinct key visual for their summer product launch. The brand was yet to be fully developed so I made sure to leverage current design elements from current assets like the can and microsite. This was fundamentally an awareness campaign so I also ideated a variety of low-mid budget activation ideas. 

art direction | copywriting 

A brief thought starter was to create a postcard. Low cost and effective - a simple way to get the word out about this new product. Although research has show that handouts can be effective, without actually giving the product away the flavour profile although interesting and unique, isn't really clear. What is Yuzu? What does cherry blossom taste like? The majority of the team had no idea what that flavour could be.

This lead me to the exploration of using the ingredients as the main attraction. Also highlight the sound and essence of the drink as well. This design gives the consumer and overview of the drinking experience without having to try the product.


This idea is targeted to younger generations who are inspired by brand aesthetic. This retro inspired graphic was created to literally stand out from the sea of competition in this beverage category, boosting brand awareness.

Sun Shining? Take a SIP. Beach Bums? Take a Sip? Backyard BBQ? Take a SIP. While you're at it, take a pic. This execution was all about tapping into peoples emotions about creating summer memories. This creative came with a fun brand activation - a sidewalk takeover selfie station! from loungers in the sand to beautiful sunset murals, all the things we love most about summer and all of them with a SIP in hand!


This execution leans into dreamy summer photography and the tagline "SIP into summer". It's all about those summer moments, where you can kick back with some friends, adventure or relax and sip on your best bevy. Something we felt was important in brand awareness phase was highlighting the unique flavour profile and ingredients. 

Final Client Approved Deliverables:

Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 12.50.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 12.50_edited.jpg
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